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Wandered over to the WVU board

  • The money may not be that much worse in the Big East. Time will tell. I doubt the WVA fans will be happy, even with the money, if they continue in the second tier of the Big 12 year in and year out. Luck's saying "but we are making more money" will not make that fan base happy with 5-7, 6-6 or worse seasons. Their recruiting class is crap so far this year and they are irrelevant.

    Meanwhile we are 9-0, in line for a BCS bowl, #9 in the national rankings. Next year the outlook is even brighter for the Cards as the Big East goes coast to coast, a new media partner and we begin the season ranked in the top 10.

    WVA buyer's remorse will grow. We dodged the bullet that they took right between the eyes. Making more money won't sooth their pain nor get them off the island they are now on.

  • I don't want to be a big fish in a little pond. The Big East pond is drying up. When the playoff system starts in 2014 all of the "BCS" size bowls will be locked down by the major conferences. We are being wedged out of the Orange bowl already. Te ACC has locked down one side of it while the SEC, big 10 and Notre Dame have tied up the other side. The other conferences are also trying to shoot down the idea of the 7th bowl. Here, read it yourself.

  • I'd gladly trade spots with them right now. Granted they're not doing very well this year but keep in mind they're playing with Big East players and schemes and mentalities. Give them a few years to recruit players for Big 12 opponents and they'll be just fine. Also remember they're playing a lot of these teams for the first time ever. In the Big East they knew what to expect from each team and they were able to prepare better against them. Just like Missouri, Colorado, Nebraska, and Utah they're adjusting to a new conference and new teams.

    WVU will be just fine in 3-5 years and hopefully we'll be in the Big 12 with them.

  • Why do people somehow believe the Big 12 is this bigass Holy Grail? A year ago, Texas was on the verge of taking OU and OSU and joining a very progressive, proactive and intelligent Pac 12. When the Pac 12 expands, where do you think they will go? Hawaii? Do the math. There is a suspicion on my part that the Horns are still simmering and still quite in play. Their selfishness is their one primary personality trait.

    In the second, WVU's move to the Big 12 is loaded with buyer's remorse. No one travels to away games - Jeez, it's 1,000 miles to their closest conference rival. How many of those schools even have airports in the dumps they play in? So you have to rent cars, buy gas and take oodles of time, just getting to a quaint small place like Manhatten or Ames or - gag - Stillwater. Yeah, Lubbock is a real fun spot - a cultural Mecca, lol.

    The more time goes by, the more sedate I am with a program whose kids get NYC and all the cultural advantages of our travels in the Big East. Besides, the geography ramps up in interest adding Boise - that's the real dam West - mountains, skiing, clean air and night skies to die for. As a cultural visit, Boise is the Muhammed Ali Museum of Nature. Sun Valley rocks.

    I really think we keep value by being urban.

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    "There is an eloquence in true enthusiasm." Edgar Allen Poe

  • Two Words? ACC?

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  • Senore has this exactly right. The Big East is our best option other than the ACC. We are a Big East school; not a cow pie school. We are a basketball school in the still best basketball conference. The football is going to be better than the old Big East was. Louisville, Boise, San Diego State, Rutgers, Cincinnati, UCF, and Navy are all top 50 ranked teams this season. The ACC has just FSU, Clemson, and Miami in the top 50 according to Nick Carparelli. Houston, SMU, USF, and UConn will all be better next year as well. If we bring in BYU (I think we will), the Big East will be the strongest football conference UofL has ever been in. Any team that runs the table in this conference and schedules aggressively non conference will be in the playoff. Mike Aresco appears to be the most competent conference commissioner not named Mike Slive so we have that going for us as well. Being the primary anchor of the New Big East will prove, over time, to be the biggest blessing to this program. Finally, conference realignment is never over. The Big XII will not always exist in its present form. Texas has a history of destroying conferences. I see nothing that convinces me this won't happen again.

  • Put three top 25 teams on our schedule and we are top 5 in the BCS instead of 9th. So many opponents flat out let us down this year. But here we are nonetheless. Look at your average $EC schedule, a bunch of also rans OOC and three or four top 25 conference foes. That is their "tough" schedule but there's so much incest within that conference nobody knows how good any of them are. Florida? South Carolina? UGa? Haven't proven a damn thing but their SOS is better than ours so they get the benefit of the doubt.

    I've grown tired of the Big East hyperbole. Nobody knows how relevant the conference will be, they just fear monger that it will be left out. Oh no, the Orange Bowl is looking to lock the BE out? Whatever will we do?! Contracts are meant to be broken and re-negotiated. Reports of Cardinal football's death is vastly premature even if we stay put. Much more important is showing your interest by using those season tickets.

  • We are not WVU.

    With that said, I don't think anyone has mentioned the reason we need out of the BE and into the B12/ACC/etc is this: look at the BE bowl tie ins. Look at the current BCS bowl projections. Kansas State and Oklahoma are BOTH considered to be projected in BCS bowls right now. That's right, the B12's second best team gets to play in the BCS this year. The Big East's second place team? Gets the f***ing RUSSELL ATHLETIC BOWL. The BE bowl tie-ins are extremely pathetic and if you don't win the league, which we aren't guaranteed to do every year, you're gonna get royally screwed by the pollsters and BCS rankings which means you're going to be playing in a second- or third-rate bowl against a mediocre team that gets you absolutely no respect nationally.

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  • We won't be in those bowls most years so that's moot. We will be the BE champion or second place team most seasons.

  • KSU/OU compared to the Big East bowl situation is apples to hand grenades. Both Clemson and FSU are also projected for BCS bowls from the ACC, at this point analysts are throwing darts. For bowl tie-ins, the conference is reaping what it has sown. UConn taking 8 people to the Fiesta Bowl and others with their terrible followings are killing the bowls.

  • If we remain in the Big East, and do not beef up our OOC schedule, I don't think we'll ever play for a NC. We either need to get out, or play teams who apparently don't want to play us. We're in a pickle for sure.

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  • we obviously need to get outta the Big East and fast, but I don't necessarily believe it's as dire as some would think. I think the low numbers of commits are due to the low number of available schollies. I'm not in panic mode, and of course, I want this program to be in the best possible position, but, I think Boise will bounce back and provide some competition. My fear is that Butch Jones will leave UC and leave that program in the dust. As much as I hate them, I don't want to beat them 70-0 because they are awful, I wanna beat them at their best.

  • I'm just glad to see this argument leveling out. The panic-inspired desperation seems to have relaxed a bit as the Big East has been at least pro-active about adding teams and in hiring a no nonsense Commish with an eye towards football.

    Yes, I find the ACC very intriguing. We'd keep the Florida recruiting footprint, for one thing - something impossible to maintain at its current level in the Big 12 and a considerable factor in our development over many years.

    It's pretty amusing watching WVU deal with their leap of faith and subsequent realities, just as will be the case with Pitt and Syracuse. For strictly revengeful emotions, I will enjoy watching buyer's remorse on all sectors of our deserters. Syracuse and Clemson, lol - a marriage made in heaven.

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    "There is an eloquence in true enthusiasm." Edgar Allen Poe

  • Hey chicken little, let me break this to you. The sky is not falling.

    Sure, Butch Jones could leave. Then again Brian Kelly left. Oh and lets not forget Mark Dantonio left there as well. It's so tragic how much UC has suffered from their coaches leaving...

    So let's think about this. We need out of the BE because it's a bad football conference right? In the past decade we have 3 teams who have lived in the top 25 and made visits to the top 10 and top 5. Those 3 teams are UC, U of L, and now Boise when they come on board. Then you have Rutgers as a team that has consistently done well, and made a top 10 appearance. Then you have the up and down teams that have done well, been in and out of the top 25, and have made top 10 appearances in Houston and USF (in fact USF holds the record for the fastest top 10 and top 5 appearance from their upstart. Then add the fact that you have one other team that is highly competitive and in and out of the top 25 in UCF.

    People piss and moan because added weight at the bottom of the conference with Memphis and Temple, but then they neglect the weight we added to the top and the middle. News flash, ACC added weight to the middle (and maybe even the bottom) of their conference ONLY. Losing WVU wasn't a huge detriment to the BE like many make it out to be. WVU's success is directly replaceable with Boise, and Pitt and Syracuse's 'success' are easily replaced (and most probably exceeded) by a combination of Houston, UCF, and SDSU.

    In short, the BE is fine in football, and will be fine. Correct the bogus media and get the proper TV coverage and the conference has a totally different perception. The best way to do that, get away from ESPN and sign a TV deal with NBC (hopefully). Then the ESPN can't just slander/bash the conference, because now they have to worry about defamation where NBC can go after them for intentionally trying to detriment their ratings, plus it gets rid of this monopoly ESPN is trying to have on NCAA sports.

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  • They are technically playing with Big East players, however, they are NOT playing with Big East schemes/mentalities. Most of their coaching staff are former Big 12 coaches. Their HC even blasted the Big East earlier this season after winning a shoot-out with Texas, saying he was glad to be out of the slow-paced, defensive style games in the Big East and welcomed being into a fast-paced Offensive style Big 12, finally...

    You can't blame their lack of defense and poor game planning on switching conferences; TCU just switched from the freaking Mountain West to the Big 12, and they're doing just fine, even have beaten West Virginia...

    No, WVU's doing poorly the last few games, as they've found out the shoot-out style doesn't work in the Big 12 anymoreso than it did in the Big East. They didn't run the table in the Big East, either, and always had difficulty when a team showed up that played defense. They're doing poorly because, as it turns out, they just aren't as good as they constantly claim they are. They are a perennial 7-9 wins per season team, with an occasional 10 or 11 game season. They didn't dominate the Big East before Miami, VT, and BC left the conference, they didn't dominate the Big East before they left the conference, and they certainly aren't dominating the Big 12 this year either. This is not any big surprise.

    I mean, seriously. They have 1 top 10 finish in the past 10 years. That's it. Just 1. Even with our throw-away 3 years under a previous regime, we double that mark with 2 top 10 finishes in the last decade... Why should we be all that surprised that **gasp**, they're not a Top 10 team again this year??

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  • It was true then and it's true now. We are currently in a revised C-USA.