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I'm scared to play UK this year...

  • Said no one ever.

    Can't wait to till football season so I can start covering games!

  • They'll go into their game against Florida with a losing record. Not worried one bit about UK.

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  • I dont hold it against anyone for being optimistic but they have gone overboard. Stoops hasnt coached a game and it was 50/50 in Florida as for people who loved him and people who wanted him fired. HE says the right things and I give him credit for the class he signed. However freshman arent going to win anything and he is telling them they are going bowling next year. Now he could be the second coming and lose to WKU because it will be the first game in his system with these kids. Factor in we wont be a pushover (but many have them beating us as soon as next year) and you enter conference play at 2-2 or 3-1 tops. Once they hit conference play they have one of the tougher slates in conference that they will see most years. They landed a couple of heavy hitters in their Western rotation this year. I can see them winning more than 5 games total and thats if they have a perfect season.

    I think they are in for a rude awakening. If he cant coach or doesnt have a cohesive staff in place the natives could already be restless by the end of next year. I am having a hard time putting a finger on how you can be so optimistic based on a recruiting class. A class that hasnt even shown up on campus yet. Hell I wasnt sold on stong until halfway through last year and I still have some reservations, Im just cautious like that. On the other side most of them are reserving hotel rooms for the SEC championship game in two years. Puzzling to say the last. All I can figure is it eats them up inside that we experience any success whatsoever and they finally see a light at the end of the tunnel, maybe...???

    Ill say there is a good a chance that Stoops is on the hot seat at the end of his 3rd season as there is in them making a bowl, probably a better chance that he is on the hotseat. You would think they would have learned by now. Let the players make the plays before writing checks your team has failed to cash for over 100 years.

  • @ Mississippi State and home versus Alabama are UK's two foes from the SEC West. Recruiting class ranked next to last in the SEC, ahead of only Mizzou.

  • Kentucky plays WKU first? I may get over there for that one if we aren't playing at same time. Bobby P v Stoops, don't think it will even be a game

  • I am just astounded at the level of bragging going out by uk fans right now over this recruiting class. You would have thought they just won a BCS bowl or something. It's almost as if they just beat us and won the natl title game by the level of puke being spewed on message boards. If they brought this garbage over to CBSSports football boards they would get laughed out of town by every other fan in the country. It's all they have is to brag about a mediocre recruiting class to other in-state schools. They have nothing to celebrate. I feel so sorry for this Stoops guy. He will have to win at least 5 games year #1 in order to keep the cats faithful from burning couches and beating each other up again.

    It will most certainly be a very rude awakening for blow hard nation next season. I see them possibly winning 2...maaaaaybe 3 games at best and one of those will be in OT or because the other team forfeits. We will DESTROY them next year and they keep trying to say this recruiting class and Stoops will beat us??? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • I think it will be a good game win by 2 TDs. I don't think it will be a major blowout at all.

  • Why? It has happened every off season for as long as I can remember. UK football is the best program in the country from February until September and they have the biggest, fastest, and strongest recruits ever. Then reality sets in and they wait for basketball season to start.

  • Spot on. They're the defending preseason champions. Every year is a championship year for them until they actually step foot on the gridiron. clap

  • UK fan here. Here is the deal with UK right now..... The optimism had started before the recruiting. It started as soon as Stoops got the coaching job and when Neal Brown came in as OC it magnified. We are basically taking the #2 defense and the #2 offense from last year and putting those two together. Now coming from what we had last year under Joker its pretty easy to see why people would be happy with that change. A lot of fans have written on message boards suggesting what UK should do to make the program better and it seems like that Mark Stoops had read our minds, examples.... We know we can recruit consistantly to run the Pro Style offense at a high level up so now we go back to the Air Raid offense with Neal Brown, its an offense that's been explosive every place its been. We know that we can't gain ultimate successfully by throwing the ball 70 times a game and all of a sudden we here that we'll have an imphasis on the run out of the pistol like the 49ers did but it be run in the Air Raid. We knew we weren't sound at all defensively and were over complicating things and we bring a coach in who runs a more simpler style and is fundamentally sound. We know that we won't have a dominant defense because you have recruit at an elite level for that so we just want to be sound in what we do. We know that we can't go south and recruit like the big boys of the SEC does and every coach up until now has tried to do that only to hit there head on the wall. But all of a sudden Stoops decides to recruit Ohio which is surprisingly something that we've never done as a program.

    There is a lot more that Stoops is doing that he's doing different even off the field. We've never had a full time recruiting coordinator that does nothing but that and the recruiting coordinator has assistants of his own. We got a nutritionist, a speed coach, Performance coordinator, new strength and conidioning programs... And much more to keep track of these players to make sure they are getting the proper nutrition and they are training everyday and make sure they are doing every single thing right and at there peek. This is stuff that UK Football has never had. This is a completely different approach. The definition of insanity is to do the same thing and expect different results. The way the football program is being ran internally is way different than any of the coaches in the past has ever done so. So its that curiousity that has us intrigued.

    So those were the reasons for the excitement but taking approximately 70 days and pulling in a #27 recruiting class according to Rivals is impressive at a school like UK who doesn't have the best of histories. Nobody is saying to be scared of UK. Most reasonable fans know that it will take at least 3 or 4 years before UK is relevent nationally. Nobody thinks we are going to win the national title anytime soon. That's just crazy talk....

  • Good post but your fans thinking they will beat us next year are NUTS.

  • The problem with UK football is that they think recruits will affect the team right away, like UK basketball. Very rarely will a freshman impact the game in football the way one can in basketball. There are exceptions but most times freshmen need a year or two to make an impact.

  • It's like mike tyson said, everybody has a plan until you get hit in the mouth.

    That being said, we lost to uconn last year so we arent incapable of losing to bad teams.

  • What happened to that # 2 defense against Florida? # 2 offense again what team did they play in the big 12. 8-5 and 5th in the big 12. Wow I'm so scared of these guys. They didn't play SEC teams. Zero and the one game they played UF ran over shitty FSU # 2 defense. What exactly is going to change? UK had good recruiting classes with joker and still lost. Number one draft pick still lost. You've done nothing with football it's too late all the other sec have passed you and tamu and Mizzou passed you. Go back to your sisters trailer.

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  • UK got a good class and Stoops seems to be on the right track. Their class is good but its only a little better than our class this year mostly because its bigger. The problem is that Strong already signed 3 classes that are as good as or better than UKs class. I've heard UK fans say that we are trending downward and we will all of a sudden fall off an cliff if they become good. As long as Strong is here we will continue to be good and they still have a ways to catch up. Now maybe beating them will actually be worth more to us than just bragging rights as it has been recently because they have been terrible.

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  • A trend indicates consistency. Hmm... Lets see, we've been to 3 straight bowl games, and our record has been the same or improved every year since coach strong has been here. We went 11-2 last year and won a BCS bowl. That's a downward trend? Uk fans wouldn't know what a downward trend is. You have to have a measure of success before you can trend downward. When you've been at the bottom for 50+ years, you can't fall any farther.

  • LOL... I guess you skipped over the part when I said nobody is saying to be scared of That's OK. Usually when someone's mind is dead set on smack talk they skip over little details like that.

    You also must have skipped over the little detail of me saying that UK fans know that we won't be dominant but we will be sound defensively, which is something that hadn't been the case for atleast the past 2 years.

    But to address the FSU versus Florida game. Florida ran all over FSU and nobody can denie that. But I challenge you to look at Florida's play in the SEC and tell me who Florida didn't run over. So what I'm saying is what Florida did to FSU is what Florida did to the rest of the SEC. So that makes Mark Stoops no different than the rest of the SEC in that aspect. So really its not that big of a deal.

    As far as the offense yes Texas Tech went 8-5 but a team is made up of 3 parts not one. You can't take a 8-5 record and blame it totally on the offense. You know there is also a defense and special teams as well. I mean if you do your research you'll see that UK had the best offense in the nation in a couple of years with Hal Mumme only to barely make it to a bowl game.

    Again nobody thinks that UK is going to be world beaters. You take one person's post and see that they say "Oh we are going to beat Louisville" and you make a hasty generalization that all UK fans think that way. Don't judge UK fans by what you see on Cats Illustrated. Most UK fans hate the site ourselves because a lot of the posters are just too crazy....

  • That light at the end of the tunnel is not success.

    CHOO CHOO blue team!

  • UK will never be good in football. They may be decent or competitive, They will never be good.

  • But to address the FSU versus Florida game. Florida ran all over FSU and nobody can denie that. But I challenge you to look at Florida's play in the SEC and tell me who Florida didn't run over. So what I'm saying is what Florida did to FSU is what Florida did to the rest of the SEC. So that makes Mark Stoops no different than the rest of the SEC in that aspect. So really its not that big of a deal.

    I'll give you a hint of a team that UF was overmatched the whole game and only had 23 yards with their all SEC running back. Those are facts not smack talk. Smack talk is this and this is on you. The word, "but", is a conjunction that you never start sentences with. They are used to bring two sentences together. If you use the word, "but", it's like the word, "and". You would have been better off just using the word, "to", at the beginning of your sentence. The word denie, is that supposed to be deny? Is this part of UK's curriculum?

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  • Just scrutinizing because i have to as a UL fan and a relative of one of your coaches.

    You guys have always had decent special teams/strength and conditioning. Greg and others have helped a lot of under the radar players go pro off of ST and S&C. That part of your program has always been decent since I can remember.

    Question though Ukani. Haven't talked to cousin (grey shirt FR) or uncle in awhile. Been busy but do you know if Nord stayed on staff for ya'll since Stoops took over?

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  • Again so interested in talking smack that you forget that this is an informal board. I don't think anyone here is on here to write disertations to get there PHD or to write an article for the local newspaper. Its informal writing....

    Next thing is know what you are talking about Trey Burton was the one who had 23 yards rushing in the game against UL and he's not an All-SEC RB. The All SEC RB was Gillislee and he had 9 rushes against UL when he averages 20 to 25 rushes. With you saying what you said I bet you don't even know how you positioned yourself to win that game. Do you really know that intricacies of football?

    This is how UL positioned itself to win the game..... Florida came out passing, something that they've proven during the regular season game that they can't do. Because they did that UL intercept the first pass and took it in for a pick 6. That leaves UF down 7-0. When that happens a coach like a Nick Saban or another good coach would have come out and done what UF does really well which is run the ball instead Will Muschamp decided to continue to pass. Where did that leave them? punting the ball allowing UL to get the ball and score again going up 14-0. Once that happens you've almost got to abandon the run and pass the ball which is something that they can't do well. That set UL up to win the game.

    What you have to understand is football and basketball for that matter is about matchups. The only way UL could win that game is if UL made UF do what they didn't want to do because then the matchups would favor UL. Well UL was able to do that by scoring off of UF's mistakes. After halftime Will Muschamp came in kicking an onside kick which was a sign of pannick. What that shows is #1 UL had the better coach, #2 UL was able to take UF out of what they did better #3 UL had the better QB.

    With all that said don't think for a momment that you went toe to toe with UF's real running game. Gillislee, the All-SEC RB, only ran the ball 9 times the whole game when he is averaging 20 to 25 carries a game. And don't say that you were stopping him either because Gillislee averaged 5.3 yards a carry, which is killer. UF just didn't have a smart enough coach to know what they had to do to win this game and UL did have a coach that knew what UL had to do. Nobody got up early on UF all season long like UL did and that's no more Mark Stoops fault than it is Jimbo Fisher's faul since he was running the offense, you know the side of the ball that is responsible for putting points on the board.

  • No Nord is gone. UK has a whole new coaching staff.

    Our strength and conditioning has always been decent but not great. That's the difference. We've got a guy in place who has been a consultant for the olympics and is consulting some NFL teams on some sports science stuff. UK just implimented some state of the art stuff to track its players input/output in the offseason conditioning program. Also got a speed coach who helped Tyson Gay and we've added some other parts. So the strength and conditioning program for the offseason is leaps and bounds better than what it was.

    Now all of that has potentially big benefits. Nobody is saying for fact that its going to pay dividends. Obivously with that stuff in place inorder for it to work the way it should the players have to take full advantage of what they've got at there desposal now. If that happens then it could reap big benefits next season but if it doesn't happen then UK will be the same ole UK next season.

  • Ukani said,"Nobody got up early on UF all season long like UL did"

    Wrong, UF had to come back in several of their games. That's one of the reasons at halftime they were saying Florida was a second half team.

    BTW, Florida ran the ball more times than they passed 30/29. They just spread the carries around to several backs instead of only using Gillislee. If you take away his one long run of 17 yards his average was under 4 yards per carry. They wasn't able to run it like they wanted, hell it took a trick play on fourth down to get their only TD in the first half.

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  • Incorrect. The largest lead that anyone had on Florida all season long was by 7 points. Nobody had Florida down by more than that. UL was the first team to have Florida down by 2 TD's all season long. Bowling Green was up 7-0 in the first Quarter and then Florida scored 17 straight points on them and never trailed again. Texas A&M had Florida beat 17-10 at half time and then Florida shut them down in the second half. LSU got up 6-0 and then Florida beat them in the 2nd half, Vandy was beating them 7-0 and then Florida got them in the 2nd half, Missouri was up 7-0 at half time and then Florida shut them down in the 2nd half.

    So as you can see above Florida had never trailed like they did against UL and it took them out of there game.

    BTW that run to pass of 30/29 isn't exactly what Florida was doing all season long. Against Texas A&M they threw the ball 17 times and ran the ball 48 times, against Tennessee they through the ball 20 times and ran the ball 43 times. Against LSU they threw the ball 12 times and ran the ball 58 times. Against FSU they threw the ball 25 times and ran the ball 47 times. I could go on but I hope you get the point. Florida ran the ball 2x and 3x more than they threw the ball all season long because Florida can't throw. But they had to against UL because they were down 14 points which played into UL's hand perfectly. Florida had always spread the ball around running wise but only 30 runs when the previous low was 13 runs more than they did against UL shows exactly that they was forced to do what they didn't want to do because Muschamp's stupidity to come out throwing the ball and not running. I'm not dowing UL by saying that because clearly UL had the better coach. And allowed his team to play as there identity showed all season long instead of changing it.

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