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Hatcher to UK?

  • I don't think Card fans are looking down on kids with stars. Grace is a 3 star and he is a monster. Miami folks don't want to lose him and they are saying UL has wrapped it up with him after the visit. I'll gladly take him. Benjamin is also a 3 star but he's also a monster. These kids are pretty darn good. I don't know anything about the two star kid that UK got cause I don't care about UK players. I can only look at the kids that want to be cardinals and they are the ones I care about. They represent us and our hard work. UK also said Charlie was leaving so I take everything I hear from them with a grain of salt. Ray Lewis was a 3* and Ed Reed was a 2*. There you go stars mean very little. I don't know enough about stoops and how he builds players. Last I checked FSU got gashed for 435 yards rushing with his defense to UF. Charlie's defense was less than 100 to the same team. So I look at teams that we have played and that stat is glaring Stoops hasn't had a nc caliber defense like Charlie has.

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  • The thing I love about Richard Benjamin is he's 6'1 and has a good build for a kid his height. Then add the fact he has experience on both offense and defense, and was the defensive MVP for a Florida all star game as a DB.

    I talked bad about Jermaine Grace's size when I first saw him, but when someone told me his size, speed, and playing ability resembled James Burgess I immediately changed my tune. If he can fly around the field and lay hat on people like Burgess did, I'll like this kid as much as I did Burgess this year. He will add some great depth to the LB spot.

    If you want to know how much stars mean, look at our team:
    Damian Copeland was a 3* receiver and he can burn top defenses
    Eli Rogers was a 3* receiver and top defenses struggle to cover him
    Jake Smith was an unrated O-line recruit, and was probably one of our most consistent O-line starters this season
    Senorise Perry was a 2* RB/LB, and look at how he ran the ball this year (before his injury)
    Andrell Smith was a 2* WR and he was completely beast mode the past two years
    Hakeem Smith was a 2* S and has been a solid guy in the defensive backfield.

    Now let's look at a team we played and one player to let you know how the star system is skewed:
    Jeff Driskel was a 5* dual threat QB and was the #1 QB in his class. Would you trade Driskel for Teddy who was a 4* QB and the 6th best QB in that class?
    Or how about Andre Debose on Florida's team? He was a 5* receiver, and the #3 receiver in the class. Would you trade him for Devante who was a 4* rated as the 26th best receiver?

  • Look, buddy. Everyone and I mean everyone wants to visit Great Britain and party with some blokes. But that doesn't mean you are committed to the U.K. or the queen. If you are an Aussie or a Kiwi, then that's a different story.

    God bless AMERICA!!!

  • If Hatcher commits to UK, I will cut off an extremity and post it on Youtube. If he stays in state it is 100% that he is a Card. If he goes out of state, well then there's not much we can do.

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  • I concur. I also think that Skylar Lacy is going to be underrated as well. If you see that kid he's a straight hoss. I think they have him as a 3*. But I think he's going to be a stud here at UL.

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