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Pitino retorts Calipari's comments

Rick Pitino is from the old school. Louisville’s coach doesn’t believe spending hour after hour on social media benefits his student-athletes.

Kentucky's John Calipari voiced his disagreement with Pitino about the issue Thursday morning on ESPN’s Mike and Mike.

Friday, Pitino offered this retort to his esteemed colleague in Lexington:

“I say this when talking about social media if you're an athlete: 'If you were a parent would you want your child on social media five or six hours a day?'

"There you have your answer and the discussion is pretty much over.”

“You would want your son reading, or going about his skill development in a sport, or you would want your son articulating and communicating. That’s pretty much the answer, isn’t it?”

Clearly, Pitino believes student-athletes would be better served in their personal and intellectual development if they spent less time on Twitter and Facebook and more reading, studying and learning.

“Today you hear in New York that test scores are going down, that reading levels are going down, that math levels are going down,” Pitino said. “There’s a reason for all of these things and social media plays a big role in that.

“Now, there’s nothing wrong with social media and I’ve said it many times. My point was an athlete should not be tying up all his time with social media because one, the sycophants out there kill you by embracing you and not working anymore, and then the haters out there get you so upset you try to prove them wrong.

“I would rather the person get in the gym, work on your skill level, read a book, study, articulate, learn things that are constructive. Now if you point out things that are constructive with social media I’d say, ‘by all means go about it.’ But I haven’t found too many haters that I’ve learned from.”

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