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Message Board Forum Rules

Here at we like to keep things enjoyable for all of our members whether you are a VIP or non-VIP member. In order to do this here are a few things to keep in mind before you send your reply or start a topic.

1. No bashing of coaches, players, University of Louisville or fellow forum members. Well thought out critiques are welcome and encouraged but just saying player x sucks will not be allowed.

2. Starting or spreading rumors of coaches or players personal lives is not allowed.

3. VIP content is just that. Posting VIP content in non-VIP areas is not allowed and could result in an automatic revoke of posting privileges. Sharing a link to VIP content on Facebook or Twitter is allowed as long as the contents of the link are not copied and pasted..

4. Sharing premium content from other websites is not allowed.

5. Links to non-247Sports websites may be deleted by the staff without warning unless you get approval from ITV management before posting the link.

6. Any photos or Videos that contain nudity or foul language are not allowed and will be deleted without warning.

7. Any spamming will be deleted and the members posting privileges will be suspended.

8. Foul language or different variations spelling of Louisville Cardinals or the University of Louisville Coaches and Players that is meant as demeaning is not allowed. Should you choose to break this rule the following will happen.

A. On board edit of your post, after 3 on board edits you will get a PM from one of the staff members.

B. Should you choose to ignore the warning a 1-3 day blacklist (Read Only Ban) will be put on your account.

C. Should you choose to still not follow the rule a 1-3 Full ban will be put on your account.

D. Should you choose to go here a 100 year ban will be put on your account.

For visiting fans - has always welcomed visiting fans to take part in discussion on our boards. However please remember you are a guest here and any smack talk on any board besides the smack board is not allowed. We may not agree with your reply but as long as it is a well thought out reply and not smack talk then you are welcome to join in.

For all members please remember the staff may not catch everything, so if you see some thing you feel is breaking one of the above rules feel free to send one of the staff member a PM. Please include a link to the topic and name of who made the offending post. Moderators


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