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Since 2002, has been your most trusted source for breaking news and coverage of Louisville basketball, football, and recruiting.

Over the past decade, we’ve been a member of the network. Beginning July 15, we will continue our journey with a new partner – 247Sports. While our network partner is changing, our commitment to be the best - and most trusted - Louisville Cardinal team site has not.

"(Mike Hughes) is without question one of the best in this industry in every way," said Shannon Terry, 247sports CEO. "(He is) 5-star in every category."

It is important to note that our entire team is moving with to 247Sports. On top of that, we will honor your current subscription term free of charge, plus give you an additional month at no expense to show appreciation for your support. Whether you purchased an annual, quarterly or monthly subscription and still have time remaining simply create an account with 247Sports and we will gladly match your remaining time at no additional charge.

We are totally committed to making even better and now possess the technology and network partner to improve our service. 247Sports will allow to provide our subscribers more breaking news, more recruiting updates, more message board interaction and more advanced product features, including an unrivaled mobile site.

247Sports is the fastest growing team site network on the Internet. Its founders are committed to being the No. 1 network in the industry through partnerships with the best team sites, innovative technology and product development enhancements.

I decided to join 247Sports because I am convinced that our partnership will allow to provide Cardinals fans the best online service possible for many years to come. Perhaps the main reason for my excitement about joining 247Sports is the industry-leading mobile site, which will allow Cardinal fans easy access to anywhere they go.

For the past 10 years, we have been dedicated to building the No. 1 Louisville fan site online. With your help we accomplished that goal. You have our commitment that will continue to provide the very best Louisville team and recruiting coverage, and humbly ask your continued support.

Please help us by spreading the word that has moved to 247Sports. Your assistance in this regard is greatly appreciated.


Mike Hughes

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