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Strong announces Dyer's addition

Charlie strong announced Michael Dyer's addition to the Louisville football program during Monday's pre-fall camp press conference.

Michael Dyer reported to Louisville Sunday and will play for the Cardinals this season

Dyer, who reported to Louisville Sunday, will be eligible to play right away, but will sign a behavioral contract to play for the Cardinals.

"There will be zero tolerance," Strong said. "But I will give him every opportunity to be successful."

Strong consulted Louisville AD Tom Jurich before pursuing Dyer, who left Auburn after his sophomore season and was subsequently dismissed from Arkansas State. Jurich met with Dyer during his campus visit last month and signed off on Dyer's addition.

"I can't change his past, but I hope to build on his future," said Strong. "We aren't going to bring anybody into the program that will embarrass the university."

Strong said highly respected veterans Teddy Bridgewater, Preston Brown and Calvin Pryor supported Dyer joining the team.

"When [Dyer] came here [for his visit] he was around those guys," Strong said. "Once everyone met and talked it out, I went to them and said, 'Teddy, what do you think?' And he said, 'Coach, I think he'll be okay.' And then I asked the next guy. I didn't want to bring someone into this program that I thought would be a distraction because of what we have coming back, but I not worried about that [with Dyer]."

Strong knows that his decision will be met with a critical eye in some corners of the national, and local, press, but the fourth year Louisville head coach asked Cardinal fans to support his decision.

"I know this is a big one, and I hope the Louisville community will back me giving Michael another chance," Strong said. "This program has been built and will always be built on core values. Accountability and responsibility are keys to development to any player."

Dyer, who rushed for 2,335 yards and 15 touchdowns in two seasons at Auburn, breaking Bo Jackson's freshman rushing record, joins a talented running back group at Louisville that includes Dominique Brown, Senorise Perry, Corvin Lamb and Brandon Radcliff. Brown and Perry both are returning from knee injuries.

"Our running backs all had a chance to meet him," said Strong. "All those guys are competitors and they don't mind [him joining the team] at all. They know it makes the team better and they welcome it."

After sitting out last season at Arkansas Baptist College, Strong said the former MVP of the 2010 BCS national championship game will undergo a routine physical before joining Louisville's fall camp, which begins Tuesday evening.

"I saw the national championship game, that's probably the only time I watched him," Strong said. "[He] has outstanding ability."

Strong said Dyer will be on athletic scholarship this season.

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